Is the UK a bad place to be a freelancer or an omen of things to come

Unless you’ve been on a remote island somewhere, you know that the gig economy is really taking off. But is it really? In the UK freelancers are struggling, in fact 80% are living in poverty. The prospect of working for yourself is liberating. However, employees all over the world are feeling, whether we like to admit it or not, an “economic slowdown”. Britain who experienced an increase in self-employed workers after their 2009 recession, sees an increase in employee living wages in the near future but this doesn’t include independent contractors.

Head of analysis for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Helen Barnard, told the Independent: “Many self-employed people work in low-paid industries, like cleaning or taxi-driving, and are unlikely to employ anyone else or grow into a bigger business. The typical self-employed person earns 40 percent less than an employee and is more likely to live on a low income. During the recession, many more people became self-employed, but income from self-employment fell much more than employees’ wages.”

Could this be foreshadowing for freelancers everywhere or are independent contractors just not Britain’s cup of tea?

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