UberEATS: Delivering food the Uber way

We all know Uber as the ride-sharing service juggernaut but now the company is all set to satisfy our hunger, too! Through their novel venture that delivers food via an on-demand app called UberEATS: Take a Look.

Of course, food delivery is nothing new. But, UberEATS is definitely different because of its app-based platform and involvement with independent contractors. Uber has increased the significance of the gig economy, offering freedom and flexibility to many freelancers. Though Uber has and continues to go through its share of legal difficulties, it has proved to be a very successful company. And with its latest venture into food delivery, UberEATS may take the gig economy to a totally different level.

This food delivery service was first introduced as UberFRESH in Santa Monica, California in August 2014 with an aim to deliver fresh food. After a little trial and error, Uber renamed its newest venture UberEATS and introduced it to several cities in 2015. The platform offers several attractive features such as promo codes for first-time users and deals during the holidays.

UberEATS is currently serving around 49 cities in North America and 16 cities in internationally with its standalone app.  Continuing with the same model as its ride-sharing division, UberEATS partners with independent contractors who serve as delivery resources. They can associate with the company via the app and restaurants can partner with UberEATS to serve their patrons.

Freelancers can work flexible schedules, while restaurant owners can reach a maximum amount of customers by delivering food to their doorsteps. Thus, new restaurants can rapidly increase their exposure and established ones can maintain their fan base. For customers hoping to enjoy their services, UberEATS requires them to create an account providing information about their location and payment methods. 

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So, if UberEATS is all about food delivery, what sets it apart from its competitors?

UberEATS involves three players and by offering unique advantages to each of these players, their platform could prove to be a huge success.


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  1. Benefits For Delivery partners

  • Flexibility: Just as with the ride-sharing service, drivers can operate the service through an app. Delivery partners can switch on the app at their convenience, working the hours that they choose.
  • Less pressure over the vehicle: Unlike the car service there is less pressure on drivers to have presentable vehicles. Customers aren’t depending on drivers for comfortable rides, just on time delivery. So there is no need for drivers to have a neat and tidy car, but it should be functional.


  1. Benefits For Customers

  • Convenience: Like with all delivery methods customers pay a little extra for convenience, they don’t have to get out of their PJ’s to enjoy the food they love. UberEATS capitalizes on this. They promise fast delivery, within 10- 30 minutes, and offer options based on your location. But perhaps the best aspect of UberEATS is that they don’t require a minimum order price for their service. You can order as little as a salad or sandwich without having to tag on extras to reach a minimum. They also pay their drivers, so there is no need to tip them, but they do encourage star ratings like their car service counterpart.


  • Customization: UberEATS allows you to add notes about any allergies you may have. It also allows for you to remove or add ingredients, like onions, from your sandwich. As UberEATS expands its personalization choices, it will continue to set itself apart.


  • Variety: UberEATS partners with a variety of restaurants. And the aim is to connect with more and more as they continue to grow. The company plans on covering everything, from bagels to Thai cuisine. 


  1. Benefits For Restaurant Owners

  • More business: As UberEATS allows restaurants to deliver food far and wide and offers several benefits to restauranteurs. Uber is already a household name as a ride-sharing company and many consumers associate with it as a brand they can trust. This kind of exposure means that restaurants may be able to reach customers they may have otherwise missed. They also offer delivery tracking which can provide restaurant owners with valuable information.



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UberEATS capitalizes on visuals, constantly improving their apps design and unlike the companies ride-sharing platform, which relies heavily on vehicle owners, it focuses on pictures to attract foodies.

By crossing over into food-delivery, UberEATS has brought more innovation & influence to the on-demand economy. Independence, variety, flexibility, convenience and novelty are some of the advantages of the companies model. It may prove to be a winning strategy for everyone involved, bringing smiles to hungry stomachs all over the world!

Take a look at this awesome video showcasing the service:


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