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Uber is taking a bite outta the Big Apple

New York City, the most populated city in the U.S., is naturally the epicenter for tech apps, independent contractors and taxi drivers. Uber, the ride-sharing giant, has been under constant fire since it’s inception in 2009. Now, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance along with 10 Uber drivers, are Uber’s most recent reasons to duck and cover. Last week they filed a lawsuit against the company for skimming (stealing) wages from independent contractors as if they were employee’s.

As all for-hire drivers in New York are feeling the bite of Uber’s presence they are starting to band together. Could this lead to something mirroring the agreement reached in San Francisco, after workers there filed a suit against the company in April? “Uber agreed to settle a suit over worker classification for hundreds of thousands of drivers in San Francisco in April and pay out up to $100 million to 385,000 drivers. The proposed terms would continue to allow Uber to classify drivers as independent contractors”. Reports Techcrunch. But drivers in San Francisco are still not happy, because many do work full time employee hours and that’s not being acknowledged in said agreement.

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