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Uber has more legal troubles, but may have an ace up its sleeve

It’s gotten to the point that it would be abnormal if Uber wasn’t in hot water.

Although the company received a 3.5 billion dollar investment deal in June and avoided what could have been a very expensive trial with its San Francisco drivers about worker classification, last April. They still have over 70 other federal lawsuits open against them.  Lawsuits which involve everything from sexual assault claims involving its drivers to a stolen intellectual property case brought up by Kevin Halpern, who claims the idea for the ride-sharing app was his and Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick stole it.

Nonetheless, most of the cases against them involve the classification of their drivers as independent contractors instead of employees, but they may have a way around that. “In June a panel of federal appellate judges in the Ninth Circuit indicated it was leaning toward upholding the arbitration clause Uber has drivers sign. That could force many pending lawsuits against Uber out of court and into private arbitration, and make it difficult for drivers to bring future class actions.” Reports Marisa Kendall of The Mercury News.

Video about Uber’s investment deal below:

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