Study finds that 86% of Freelancers chose Independence

In a study recently released by the freelancer management system provider Field Nation. Eighty-six percent, of the 863 respondents surveyed by them, reported that they chose to be freelancers. Factors like career autonomy, flexible hours and increased control over their destinies influenced their decisions to leave the traditional workforce. Complementary studies by the platform also show that freelancers are more likely to work more efficiently and with a stronger commitment to success, compared to regular employees.

“Findings from The 2016 Field Nation Freelancer Study support and parallel the results of a recent study from Field Nation and Future Workplace titled The Rise of the Blended Workforce in the New Gig Economy. Both studies show that the enablement of autonomy encourages increased job engagement, work effectiveness, and an overwhelming commitment to success. The Rise of the Blended Workforce in the New Gig Economy study found that one of the primary drivers of freelancer autonomy and empowerment was the Affordable Care Act and the decoupling of benefits from traditional employment.” Explains Jillian Tyler of Field Nation.

The study also shows that 72% of successful freelancers are earning the same or more income than did when they hand conventional employment.

60 Seconds with Field Nation, video below:

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