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San Francisco is trying to nurture its Growing Gig Economy

San Francisco is keeping an attentive eye on its ever growing gig economy, but is it enough?

As the birthplace of Uber and Lyft, it’s no surprise that many self-employed workers are finding success in the city. To keep up with the growing trend the city has created a “Gig Taskforce”.  The task force will aid with administrative support, provide policy recommendations and act as the intermediary between the board of supervisors and the mayor. In an economic report released by task force Supervisor Mark Farrell, data suggest the gig economy is alluring to those who are already self-employed in some manner but most still rely on a steady source of income.

“An economic report on the gig economy and workforce in San Francisco released by Farrell on Tuesday indicates the use of online platforms and the gig economy is growing rapidly in the city. Data in Farrell’s report suggests that approximately 5% of San Francisco residents generate some source of income from the gig economy. …Current available data suggests that in many cases online platforms supplement, rather than replace, existing sources of income, such as wages, he said”. Relays, Staffing Industry Analyst.

Though the gig economy is growing, independent contractors need to spread themselves out if the hope to make a livable wage.


Check out the video below on the evolution of the Gig Economy:




Image Source: electran.org
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