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Resurgence of Labor Unions

Labor unions were paramount during the 1950’s and most of the benefits employee’s enjoy today are thanks to the efforts of employees from that era. Things like fairs wages, healthcare and retirement plans are in place because of those workers who banned together and fought for rights. Today, it may be a surprise to know that workers at digital media companies (Gawker), Universities (Graduate Students at NYU) and most relevantly freelancers (The Freelancers Union) are Unionizing. However, unlike the success the Gawker and Student Workers achieved in ensuring fair pay and health insurance, freelancers are finding it more difficult to take action.

Though the Freelancer Union does offer health insurance and other benefits, there’s not a single entity to take up grievances with. Which means they can’t deal with injustices, like non payment, for its members individually.“This dilemma betrays the weakness of our contemporary workforce infrastructure. Unions will either have to adapt or we will have to find a disruptive alternative. Our other option? Anonymously writing negative Glassdoor reviews about our employers in the hopes that they’ll amend their business practices. It may not change anything, but it sure feels good.” Tasbeeh Herwees of Good Media.


Video from FreelancersUnion.org  below:

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