Advance, Expand and Reach your Career Goals with Snagajob


Snagajob is a marketplace where job seekers can find freelance, part-time, hourly, and seasonal work. 75 Million on-demand and hourly workers rely on the platform to find their next gig. Snagajob also publishes a blog full of resources, tips, and success stories aimed to encourage freelancers, employees, and everyone in between.

Take a look at their blog here

The company has a huge social media presences, that supports workers in their career goals regardless of whether or not they use the platform.

“Over 50% of employers tell them that they look up an applicant on social media before hiring them. So if they looked at your’s what would they find?” Says Kim Costa, job search Coach.

Watch, in the video below, the “do’s and dont’s” in social media when it comes to looking for a job.


Image Source: Snagajob.com
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