Not this time Uber, $100 million settlement is deemed Ridiculous


Prayers were answered on Thursday when Judge David Chen declared that Uber’s $100 million dollar settlement offer to its, current and former, misclassified drivers was “not fair, adequate and reasonable”.

Back in April, Uber’s drivers in Massachusetts and California, respectively, banned together to sue the ride-sharing company. Instead of going to court the company agreed to this settlement. However, the 100 million only accounts for 5% of what the company owes its drivers for misclassifying them as independent contractors. The saddest fact is that Uber is worth a whopping 68 billion dollars, dollars earned on the backs of drivers who deserve a “fare” share of the company’s revenue.

“The Uber drivers had originally sued the service over the way that it had classified them as independent contractors as opposed to employees. The later which would have entitled them to a number of benefits including health insurance, overtime, paid sick days and Social Security. …Uber has expressed its position on the ruling and has released a statement in which it said: ‘The settlement, mutually agreed to by both sides, was fair and reasonable. We’re disappointed in this decision and are taking a look at our options.’ Reports, Anthony Spadafora of itproportal.com.

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