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Massachusetts Lawmakers Pass Pro Gig Economy bill


Last week the Massachusetts senate passed a Pro Gig Economy bill that supports transportation network companies in the state. The bill, aimed at Uber and Lyft, was passed in order to regulate the companies. The bill insists on Background checks, insurance policies, accurate fair estimates, and accommodations for the handicapped, amongst other regulations. Though it immediately affects Lyft and Uber’s growth, it also aims to show that the state is pro gig economy and innovation. They understand that ride-sharing apps are closely related to other online based jobs and need to be regulated as well.

“Democratic Senate President Stan Rosenberg said the bill “strikes a balance between allowing an innovative business the ability to thrive while also implementing common sense regulations that protect public safety and consumers.”The bill is also a concession to the popularity of ride-hailing services and an attempt to send the message that Massachusetts is a pro-innovative economy state. Reports, The Associated Press.
About 29 other states are also concerned about the future of the gig economy and are getting involved.


Image source: metro.us
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