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Grubhub is taking a bite out of it’s drivers

The online food delivery coordinator, GrubHub, has six former delivery drivers taking them to court.

In Chicago, a group of former GrubHub drivers are taking action against the company. They complain that they were classified as contractors although they qualified as employees. Of course, there is already a separate class action lawsuit against the company being filled in California, the “Misclassification Mecca”. Nonetheless, drivers from any other state, but California, can opt into the Chicago complaint. The plaintiffs argue that much was demanded of them, although their compensation was often below minimum wage; after factoring in work-related expenses such as fuel, cellphone data, car maintenance etc…

“In their lawsuit, the Chicago plaintiffs contended ‘GrubHub directs drivers’ work in detail, instructing drivers where to report for their shifts, how to dress and where to go to pick up or await deliveries. Drivers are required to follow requirements imposed on them by GrubHub regarding the handling of the food and timeliness of the deliveries. GrubHub retains the right to terminate the drivers at will.’ Further, ‘the driver’s services are fully integrated into GrubHub’s business, and without the drivers, GrubHub’s business would not exist.’ reports, Scott Holland, of Cook County Record.


Image Source: news.medill.northwestern.edu
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