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Gigster raises the stakes for their freelancers


Many employers have been capitalizing on the fact that they don’t have to provide freelance workers benefits. Gigster is different.

Many freelancers feel under appreciated and disenfranchised by their clients, and as a result, they have no stake in the companies they work for. Gigster understands that long-term relationships between clients and freelancers are fostered by both parties being satisfied. This is why they started a “Gigster fund” for their freelancers, giving them an actual stake in the company which in turn makes for happier and more committed freelancers.

“ ‘As the nature of work in America changes, the government must do all that it can to update the safety net and ensure that benefits are flexible, portable, and comprehensive.’ Gigster, a San Francisco freelancing platform, aims to make a dent in the problem by giving them equity in the businesses to which they contribute, through its Gigster Fund. The fund provides free agents on the platform equity in Gigster and a select group of companies for which it does on-demand software development. Gigster—backed by $12.5 million in funding from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, Bloomberg Beta and actor Ashton Kutcher—has revenue in the low eight-figure range.” Elaine Pofeld, Forbes.com


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