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Freelancing Millennials are eager for stability

The Gig economy is growing but younger workers are worried about their financial futures.

Most believe millennials are the cause for the rising gig economy and for the most part that assumption is a valid one. As the majority of workers under 35 would rather work for themselves than for an overbearing employer. In a new study by PwC, a business consultancy firm, it’s been suggested that the young workforce distrust employers but crave stability. This may be a factor in why the gig economy is growing so fast, millennials are more capricious about employment than older employees and are more likely to quit a job they don’t like.   

In the survey, that took into account the feedback of 1385 US workers, the happiest were employees of small businesses. “Small businesses have a potential edge as labor is in flux, however, according to the study. It turns out 80% of small–business employees say they feel appreciated at work. Similarly, 43% of small–business workers say they are happy at work, compared to 27% of peers at larger businesses”. Says Jeremy Quittner of Forbes.com.  Additionally, Small businesses are known to be more flexible with hours and often let employee’s work from home.
The findings suggest that millennials opt for freelancing between steady work but would prefer the stability of working as an employee for a budding small business rather than for a “dishonest” corporation.

Here’s a link to the study.


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