Future of Work: PWC sees bigger role for freelancers

Six years from now expect to see many more people working for themselves, according to PWC’s extensive, and very colorful report on HR trends, “The future of work A journey to 2022.” The gig / freelancer economy, which PWC calls the “orange world” is expected to play a major role in the global workforce, with nearly a third of HR professionals crafting strategies to leverage workers on an ad hoc basis.

A recent study by Emsi, a labor analysis firm for Career Builder expresses that much of the expected growth within the labor force is, “likely to occur in fields that are trending toward contract, or as needed, hiring of independent and freelance workers, not payroll employees who receive employee benefits like paid vacation”. Compensation will vary always vary depending on the skills and experience needed for a job (below minimum wage to substantially above it). Skills that are expected to be in the highest demand are those involving Electronic Shopping, Translation & interpretation, Home healthcare and Online Marketing.

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