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DoorDash: Dashing to customers, the on-demand way!

You may have already seen a few freelance workers in bright red t-shirts dashing in and out of restaurants. Well, they work for DoorDash and this company is garnering much attention in the on-demand food delivery market and here’s why.


Gift boxes for first-time orders from DoorDash in their office in Palo Alto, Calif. on Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013. (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)

On-demand ride-sharing has taken the world by storm and naturally food delivery companies are finding success using a similar business model. By delivering food through an on-demand platform, DoorDash is one such company. They have been in the industry since 2013 and continue to grow by providing convenience to customers, independent contractors and clients.

DoorDash is the perfect platform for freelancers who have a vehicle, time and the need to earn some extra money. The company caters to more than 20 cities across the United States and Canada and, though they have competitors, they have a stronghold on the on-demand delivery market.

On-demand services are becoming the norm but DoorDash had an interesting inception. It was founded by four college students at Stanford University. They started out in South Bay, San Francisco before expanding to cities all over the United States.

What started off as a small project between four friends, soon gained momentum becoming a much larger platform. Now their team consists of many talented engineers and designers that don’t leave any stone unturned. Though their primary focus is food delivery, they hope to expand their horizons by reaching out to other goods & services companies. They want to empower local merchants by bringing commerce back to the community.

Like most on-demand platforms, DoorDash allows their “dashers” to work a flexible schedule. Dashers simply have to install the company’s on-demand app on their smartphones. Then after a process, they can start delivering meals from restaurants to customers. Most importantly, the app allows for them to select rides at their convenience. 

Additionally, restaurants gain an advantage because they won’t have to hire staff to make food deliveries while still being able to cater to customers far and wide. It’s advantageous to both customers and restaurants because businesses can reach a larger clientele and customers benefit from a larger variety of restaurants serving them. 

Right now, DoorDash encourages partnerships with all food industry businesses, large and small. For small-scale businesses that rely on delivery services alone, such platforms could increase their customer base exponentially. As the on-demand economy grows, DoorDash’s success speaks on our increased need for freedom and flexibility. Platforms like this are trailblazing technology that is connecting us in new and revolutionary ways.

So, how does DoorDash benefit all the three key players of their business model? What does it mean to be a dasher, restaurant partner or customer?




  1. For the Dashers

As a delivery partner, you can choose your own schedule. DoorDash offers fixed charges for delivery based on per trip value and lets dashers keep 100% of their tips.  It’s as simple as accepting a delivery request when placed by a customer.

A convenient on-demand app, insurance and good pay are the perks for working as a dasher. If you’re 18 years old or older, with a valid license & working vehicle, all you need to do is enroll to become a dasher. They also allow for dashers to use bikes, cars and motorcycles for delivery. However, the red DoorDash t-shirt is optional. 


  1. For Restaurants and Merchants

For restauranters, DoorDash means more exposure, a wider customer base and increased demand, all without having to hire a delivery person.  By utilizing the app they can reach new customers, customers they may have missed otherwise, while loyal customers will have a new convenient route to get the food that they love.

Restaurants can also cater to large groups, like office workers, via the app. DoorDash also accommodates party orders and holiday gatherings. Through “Group carts” individuals can place their own orders but the order will come as a group meal. That’s pretty awesome.


  1. For Customers

Customers may benefit the most because the app opens up restaurants that may have limited or no delivery. The app also encourages faster delivery times. Because consumers no longer have to rely solely on the resources of individual restaurants. It offers estimated delivery times, provides information about pick-up and delivery and orders can be made for a group through a single account. 


DoorDash’s aim is to bridge the gap between local merchants and customers. And the company believes that this will  influence local economies in a beneficial way. Even though a restaurant may be great, it’s limited by the number of customers they are able to reach. However, platforms like DoorDash are changing that. Hungry?


Image sources: doordash.com, techcrunch.com, eater.com
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