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Cybercriminals are posing as clients and robbing freelancers blind

Freelancers beware! Moscow-based, international software security group, Kaspersky Lab, has uncovered a new scam which specifically targets freelancers seeking work. Basically, cybercriminals pose as would-be employers and trick freelancers into surrendering their mobile devices through what seems like an admissible remote access app, like AirDroid. So far the swindle has only taken place in Russia, however, Kaspersky stresses it would be easy for the crime to take place anywhere. Because it’s common for many freelancers to grant clients remote access and there are no security measures to aid freelancers who unwittingly allow access to cybercriminals.

Kaspersky Lab explains. “The link leads to the official Google Play store — and so even a suspicious freelancer would not see signs of phishing or any other kind of cheating…If that compromised device has a mobile banking app, criminals can transfer money out. They can lock the phone and demand ransom for restoring it to working order. They can also dig into personal messages and photos — perhaps finding something worthy of blackmail”.
Freelancers need to stay vigilant. You need to avoid trusting potential clients too eagerly and should qualify them by any means necessary before starting work. Targets have been designers, testers and copywriters, but it can happen to anyone seeking to make a living as an online worker.


Image Source: news.com.au
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