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Netflix is the new Uberblack

Mixed workforces, blending regular employees with independent contractors, are becoming a common practice for many companies. The Hollywood Reporter has publicized that, the binge watchers paradise, Netflix, is also a member of that club. It’s known that Netflix hires “taggers”, part-time workers, to watch and classify their live-streamed videos. But who knew they also hired freelancers and paid them $10 for every movie or TV show they watched? For what’s called “Project Beetlejuice”, these independent contractors pick out the best images and videos to use in showcasing videos.

However, it looks like Netflix is pulling an Uber,  two of their “Juicers” are claiming they’re working employee hours without the benefits. “If they were employees, they’d be entitled to overtime pay, paid vacation, health insurance, and a retirement plan. The plaintiffs in both suits, Lawrence Moss and Cigdem Akbay, say they were told they could set their own hours, but in reality faced deadlines that meant they worked a rigid schedule of more than 40 hours a week. Akbay claims that after she told Netflix that “juicing” was her main income source, she was fired.” Meagan Friedman, Marie Claire.

Image source: fastcompany.com
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